Three swimming pools are used for hydro- kinezytherapy. The fourth, Jacob's swimming pool, located at the thermal spring (water temperature at the spring equals 41oC) is aimed for swimming only. Hydro- kinezytherapy is organized according to patient's diagnosis. Therapy is aimed for patients with neurological, orthopedic, rheumatic, and cardiac diseases.

  • Standard hydro- kinezytherapy is combined with specific, so called Hawllick concept.
  • Hydro- kinezytherapy is implemented in Hubbard tubes, as well as sub-water massage.
  • Peloid-fango is applied as body wrap, and it can be applied directly on body.
  • Paraffin is used as mechanical and thermal procedure.
  • Temperature, hydrostatic pressure, and friction of water are used as an integral parts of some exercises.
  • Hydro- kinezytherapy is rounded with hand massage and lymph drainage.


We use the latest electrotherapy equipment that is scientifically approved. Electrotherapy comprises specific electro stimulation, ultrasound therapy, pain relief therapy, thermotherapy, fototherapy, and laser therapy.


At Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Toplice, kinezytherapy is implemented at fourteen gymnasiums which are equipped with different devices used for performing all kinezytherapy procedures, such as:

  • neuro-developmental kinezytherapy
  • orthopedic kinezytherapy
  • traumatologycal kinezytherapy
  • neurological kinezytherapy
  • rheumatism kinezytherapy
  • cardiac kinezytherapy

Cardiac patients perform their exercise programs outdoors, and they can go walking along calibrated walk ways. All kinezytherapy activities are programmed and conducted by multidisciplinary trained and highly experienced physiotherapists.

Occupational therapy is an integral part of a group of activities. Occupational therapy is performed at specially equipped rooms, and the main aim of these activities is to enable patient better post-rehabilitation adaption to every-day’s activities.